Enterprise Software — April 21, 2021 at 5:11 pm

Romanian entrepreneurs, reluctant to digital archiving


According to EAD data, the largest Portuguese player in the digital archiving market, also present in Romania, more than half of Romanian entrepreneurs are reluctant to digital archiving of documents, amid fear of cyber attacks, but also considering the legislation in force. This legislation stipulates that some documents must be kept in physical form for five years, but others must be kept for 10 or even 50 years.

According to a study done by PwC, Romanian entrepreneurs are the most advanced in the use of digital technologies compared to their counterparts in the other 14 central and eastern European states. Thus, 64% of them have already designed a strategy for digitization, double the average in the region. According to the study, Romanian entrepreneurial companies occupy the top positions in the region in the use of essential digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), blockchain, drones, Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D printing.

Bruno Amaro si Liviu Zamfir
Bruno Amaro, CEO of EAD Digital Romania și Liviu Zamfir, Chief Operation Manager EAD Digital Romania

“Although most Romanian entrepreneurial companies are aware that investments in digitalisation have a long-term impact, in terms of digital archiving, the same companies are quite reluctant. In the current context, where about half of Romanians want to work partly or completely remotely, it is essential for entrepreneurs to give their employees the opportunity to work from home without affecting workflows,” says Bruno Amaro, CEO of EAD Digital Romania.

Many Romanian entrepreneurs are wary of modern archiving technologies, given that the legislation on accounting documents is very strict and the fines are significant. In the case of checks from the competent institutions, inspectors will also request part of the documents in physical format.
Another reason cited by Romanian entrepreneurs for the slow pace of adoption of digital archives is the increasing frequency of cyber attacks in the context of the transition to work at home. With nearly 30 years of industry experience, the EAD Group has consistently invested in technology, so today all its solutions, from the RWS platform, its own document management software, to the cloud, are completely secure.

EAD Digital offers Romanian companies complete solutions that allow their employees to work remotely safely, temporarily or permanently, without influencing internal processes. All documents are scanned and archived in the secure cloud and can be accessed at any time by any company employee who only needs a live Internet connection to connect to the secure cloud.

Alexandra Elena DURBACA
Alexandra Elena Durbacă, CEO of Leader Team Broker de Asigurare

In addition, entrepreneurs have other protection tools for such situations, such as special cyber-attack insurance.“Globally, hacker attacks are on the rise, while customer demands for data protection have become more numerous and strict. There are various insurance products in the local market against these attacks, as more and more companies are interested in this type of policies. We provide entrepreneurs with 360-degree insurance products that cover all cybersecurity risks,” says Alexandra Elena Durbacă, CEO of  Leader Team Broker de Asigurare.

Entrepreneurs who opt to digitize archives streamline their businesses by reallocating human resources to valuable tasks, reducing the cost of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, as well as storage-related costs.

“The RWS platform meets the “business as usual” needs of our customers from the perspective of document management. It allows employees and top management to access company documents in real time, improving the internal processes of several departments, such as Finance, Acquisitions, Sales, Human Resources, Operations, Customer Support”, explains Liviu Zamfir, Chief Operation Manager EAD Digital Romania and one of the Romanian experts in archive management.

The opportunities offered by EAD Digital for companies in Romania are countless, the best examples being solutions related to scanning/indexing documents, automating processes to generate the necessary certificates of pension files or those of extracting data from financial or other documents. According to EAD’s estimates, less than 500 million pages have been scanned in Romania in the last 3 years, out of a potential of nearly 3 billion.