Enterprise Software — September 29, 2021 at 10:48 am

NEW Release of the Assistant-Robots for the Financial Digitization of Companies


Document management generates the greatest manual operation effort in an institution. That is why companies are looking for solutions for the digitization process, and a high-performance ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) program is an easy-to-integrate solution with immediate results.

SVAP2025SVAP2025 is the newest ERP, launched in September 2021 by Software Imagination & Vision, the Romanian IT company with projects at the European Commission. It is a solution that allows the cloud architecture and can quickly manage and integrate all the financial activities of the company, suppliers, supply chain, operations, customers, employees.

The economy generated by the introduction of the ROBOSVAP digitization component, which contains the Assistant Robots package developed in 2021, is significant.

Assistant robots save 94% of time by automating supplier operations and 90% by automating bank statements.

The ROBOSVAP component, with Robots-Assistants, can be implemented on any ERP solution.

DEMO Assistant Robots


Due to the complexity and number of features available in ERP software, it has traditionally been adopted by large corporations, but recent years have shown that an ERP is useful even for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

SVAP2025 is a modern ERP type IT product, which incorporates the functionalities of SIVECO Applications (an ERP used by hundreds of Romanian companies), which has received significant improvements, in step with current legislation and the current needs of companies.

SVAP2025 has new features to increase security and user control; improved interface and new reports; new functionalities related to business components, such as the electronic multiple payment order or the new inventory module that has the possibility to use barcodes / QR. Contains updates required by new legislation (balance sheet and annexes, tax returns such as D300, D390, D394, D112 or new SAF-T reporting).

The ROBOSVAP digitization component, which includes the Assistant Robots package, has the following features:
• They are developed on the UiPath platform;
• They perform activities for extracting and processing data from invoices, bank statements, timesheets, forms, applications, land travel permits;
• They perform the automatic entry of the extracted data in the ERP system interface.

“The benefits of the new SVAP2025 ERP are immediately visible in a company’s economy. With the digitization and efficiency of operational processes, our customers receive information and analysis about business components in real time, so implicitly they can operate to reduce operational costs”, says Adriana Racoviță, SIMAVI Technical Leader.