Enterprise Software — May 9, 2023 at 11:02 am

TotalSoft and Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Romania set a partnership to help companies manage extra-salary benefits more efficiently, saving up to 80% from time required to administer them


TotalSoft, one of the leading providers of business information systems in Central and Eastern Europe, and Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Romania (BRS), the leader of the local extra-salary benefits market, announce the signing of a partnership that improves the digital experience of employers in the recurrent process of administration and loading of meal cards offered to employees.

The main advantage of integrating the TotalSoft platform for human capital management, Charisma HCM, with the technological solution developed by Sodexo BRS is the significant reduction, by up to 80%, of the time required for the monthly loading of meal cards, as well as an automated, real-time reporting of orders.

In this way, companies can streamline human resources operations by using a single platform for both attendance and payroll operations and the management of benefits offered by Sodexo BRS, which optimizes the work of HR teams.

Thus, organizations will reduce the time required for monitoring the days worked, allocating the corresponding amounts for the days worked on the meal card and sending the order to load the meal cards for all employees, eliminating up to 80% of the effort required for this task. The entire process of calculating and uploading meal cards is reduced to a few clicks and, in addition, the risk of errors decreases. At the same time, the HR manager has full traceability of the entire process, being able to monitor at any time the stages completed until the money reaches the employee’s meal card.

Specifically, the partnership involves the easy transfer of data between Charisma HCM, the platform provided by TotalSoft, to the application offered by Sodexo BRS for the processing and uploading of meal cards. This is done through an Open API technology solution developed by Sodexo BRS that takes employee information from Charisma HCM, such as days worked, number of meal vouchers and their value, and imports it into the application used by Sodexo BRS to load the cards. The HR department can review and edit the information before sending it to Sodexo BRS, while Sodexo BRS easily takes the already verified data and loads the cards, transmitting the order status to the employer in real time.
Charisma HCM also includes features for online recording of new employees and employment contracts, and a self-service platform for employees, through which they can request the release of certificates.

If in the first phase this collaboration refers to the digitization of the process of loading meal cards, the most widespread extra-salary benefits in Romania, very soon it will also extend to other benefits such as – the gift or tourist card issued by Sodexo BRS.

“This collaboration is the first in a series of strategic technology partnerships through which we come even closer to HR teams, providing them with the best experience in managing our products and services. The challenges of HR departments are increasingly sophisticated, especially with regard to attracting, retaining and motivating talent, that’s why we want to offer them alternatives ‘one click away’ for the recurring processes of ordering and loading cards. In this way, we contribute to the digitization of the HR function on a large scale in the Romanian labor market”, said Manuel Fernandez Amezaga, CEO of Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, Romania & Bulgaria.

TotalSoft_Sodexo“The partnership between TotalSoft and Sodexo is unique in Romania and follows global digitization trends. This is a natural result of the partnership program launched in 2022, which aimed to create an extensive business ecosystem and stimulate innovation. Thus, the integration with Sodexo BRS completes the latest features developed in Charisma HCM aiming to revolutionize the digital experience of employees and employers – chatbot, electronic signature for HR documents, continuous feedback. We have over 25 years of experience in implementing HCM solutions in +400 organizations, while Sodexo BRS offers unmatched benefits expertise. Together, we address clear and immediate needs of organizations in Romania, and by the end of 2023 we expect more than 50,000 employees to benefit from this integration. We will not stop here, we will continue to attract partners to further support the business community through innovative and easy-to-use solutions”, said Gorkem Tursucu, CEO of TotalSoft.

In 2020, HR Tech Outlook ranked TotalSoft in the TOP 10 HCM solutions in Europe for integrating two innovative solutions into HR workflows: chatbot and electronic signature. The partnership with Sodexo BRS strengthens this title and continues the strategic direction of Charisma HCM product development.