Education/Job, Security — August 7, 2023 at 2:16 pm

Eviden and West University of Timisoara launch new Master’s program specialized in Cybersecurity


Eviden, a leader in cybersecurity, big data, AI, cloud and digital, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the West University of Timisoara (WUT) announce the launch of a new Cybersecurity Master’s degree program, taught exclusively in English.






The program will provide students with general notions of cybersecurity, familiarize them with the management of the most common threats in the field, and experts from Eviden will teach courses and hold labs with master students.

At the same time, Eviden will invest in the creation of a dedicated Cybersecurity Technologies and Applications Lab within the faculty.

“Through our involvement in this project, we want to contribute to the development of skills and knowledge in this field, support quality research and education, and stimulate the creation of an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in cybersecurity. We are convinced that this program will benefit students and academics, but will also mark the bond of a strong and long-lasting relationship between the company and WUT, a partnership that we highly value. Also, the direct participation of our colleagues who are involved in this program will ensure the necessary support for the successful development of this program. The preparation of the program lasted about a year and a half, during which time specialists from the University, together with Eviden experts, identified three areas of interest: Cloud Security, DevSecOps and Pentest which were introduced in the curriculum”, said Diana Sipos, Eviden Country Manager in Romania.

“We are facing new challenges in the digitally connected society and the new conditions of the globalized world, with an open conflict right at the edge of Europe. With advanced master studies in the cutting-edge field focused on cybersecurity, we are aligning ourselves with the concerns of leading European university centers, where students are prepared to meet the new demands of future professions. Together with Eviden, a company that attaches strategic importance to the cybersecurity field, we have established a partnership for the future, through which we will develop a high-performance laboratory for testing specialized cybersecurity applications, where future specialists will be trained, who are in high demand by international companies in our region and elsewhere in Europe”, explains Marilen Gabriel Pirtea, rector of the West University of Timisoara.

The new Master’s program in English aims at transferring and integrating generic cybersecurity concepts, helping to familiarize Master’s students with the fundamental concepts that define security in the information environment, such as malware, cyber attacks, zero-day exploitation, etc.

Then, the knowledge set is continued with exposure to cyber threat management associated with the most common areas of the IT market where cybersecurity has a major impact not only from a financial point of view, but also in terms of the associated infrastructure: in the private sector, in virtualised/cloud environments and in academia.

In order to continuously adapt to the needs and fluctuations of the labour market, but also to offer specialized niches of study in the field of cybersecurity, the strategic partnership between West University of Timisoara and Eviden is to be materialized in a first joint project – the Cybersecurity Technologies and Applications Lab.

In addition, as part of the strategy for the permanent development of higher education in the field of cyber security, the Western University of Timișoara concluded a collaboration agreement with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, from the USA, through which it aims to improve and diversify the studied curriculum, promote student exchanges, provide additional specialization options to those involved in this field, but also to contribute to the research activity in the field of cybersecurity.