Events — December 21, 2023 at 4:55 pm

ARSC: Romania needs to accelerate the digitization process to improve the quality of life of its citizens


Romania can achieve a considerable digitization advance in the coming years, especially in the public sector, if a de-bureaucratization process occurs. Although improvements have been made in this regard in recent years, additional investments are needed in the development of smart city projects to increase the quality of life of Romanians, show the conclusions of the debates on innovation and digitalization in Romania, during the Christmas Innovation Gala event, organized by the Romanian Association for Smart City, in partnership with Vantage Towers Romania.

Christmas Innovation GalaAs part of the digitization process in Romania, Vantage Towers Romania launched the Customer Portal platform at the event, an innovative solution for managing the digital infrastructure, promising to simplify and streamline access to technological resources for companies and users.

“At Vantage Towers, we had a productive year, focusing on the efficiency and sustainability of the industry. We promoted shareable infrastructure, offering efficient solutions to all mobile operators. Despite the challenges, Romania continues to offer quality connectivity services at affordable prices. Through innovative projects such as smart locks and smart metering, we are committed to helping customers optimize consumption and manage infrastructure efficiently. The launch of the Customer Portal platform is a significant step for us, being a transparent and accessible platform for the entire industry, providing easy access to telecommunications infrastructure. Vantage Towers’ Customer Portal simplifies access to telecommunications infrastructure. This innovative tool allows users to locate telecommunications sites on an interactive map and make requests quickly and efficiently. With features such as advanced search, filters and reports exportable, the Customer Portal improves the decision-making process for industry operators. We developed this tool to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and accessibility in the industry by offering it for free and at no additional cost. It is a major step in supporting efficiency and productive partnerships in the telecommunications sector”, said Ionel Crăciun, CEE Business Development Manager, Vantage Towers Romania.

During the debates about the digitization of Romania, the participants from the public and private spheres announced essential information about the future of the country through technology.

“Assessments show that Romania needs to review its directions in digitization. Frequent changes of ministerial leadership, with short mandates, prevent consistent progress. With everyone waiting for digitization, the reality is that each institution operates independently, which is not ideal. The Digitization Guide that we are developing will centralize effective IT solutions and promote a unified strategy. Through this guide, we aim to standardize software solutions to save resources and optimize public administration”, said Bogdan Dumea, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, during the event.

At the same time, Victor Ponta, Honorary Advisor for International Economic Relations of Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, pointed out that Romania has intelligent people and promising private initiatives, but is faced with a bureaucratic system that inhibits progress. “I am skeptical about the digitalization of Europe, compared to other more advanced regions. In the public sector in Romania, it is difficult to find examples of effective digitization, except for some local leaders who manage to create smart communities. Although there is a lot of talk about decentralization, everything is becoming more and more centralized. In 2024, I fear populism will dominate the European political landscape, focusing more on rhetoric than improving the quality of life and public services.”

Also, representatives of the Romanian Post spoke about the digitization of the institution.

“At Poșta Română, we have seen significant progress over the past two years, underlining the importance of stable management. We are proud of our innovations, including the launch of NFT collections. Our efforts are focused on bringing new technologies and efficient solutions, such as would be the implementation of electronic filing equipment and equipping postmen with electronic devices. These achievements demonstrate the impressive adaptability of our employees to changes and new technologies”, said Smărăndița Irina, Head of Strategy Management, CN Poșta Română.

“Assessing the progress of 2023, I am optimistic for the future. At ICI, the collaboration with Romanian Post and other institutions underlines our commitment to digitization and innovation, including in the field of NFTs. We are working on projects like ScanX to streamline processes and support the growth of the Smart City. We are proud of our achievements in new technologies such as quantum technology and blockchain, contributing to global advancement in these areas. We offer solutions that ensure strong cyber security and data protection, complying with GDPR standards. We focus on developing innovative solutions that adds value, including in cybersecurity and data protection. Through our work in quantum technology, HPC and blockchain, we are recognized globally, including in China, where our institutional marketplace model is taken as an example”, added Victor Vevera, Director General at ICI Bucharest.

Mass media will be among the first fields to be taken over by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is accelerating the digitization process in the workplace, and the media will be one of the fields that is set to be significantly revolutionized by the new technology. With the rapid advance of artificial intelligence (AI), mass media will be among the first fields captured by AI, including in Romania, with daily activities being increasingly divided between technology and people’s skills, reports the Romanian Smart City Association.

Eduard Dumitrascu, presedinte ARSC - Christmas Innovation Gala“Currently, AI has reached a level where it can not only process, but also generate media content. Advanced machine learning and natural language processing algorithms have the ability to create news, articles, videos and even radio shows. This ability to generate media content raises important questions regarding ethics and responsibility in journalism, and the media industry must be prepared for this radical change”, said Eduard Dumitrașcu, ARSC president.

The panel dedicated to the future of mass media, attended by Mădălin Mihai (Aleph News), Daniela Morari (Radio Romania Actualității) and Alin Niță (Canal 33), focused on the impact of technology and artificial intelligence in the mass media.
Discussions covered the digital evolution in media, including innovations such as AI presenters and sensory advertising. Participants reflected on the challenges and opportunities brought by technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence in radio and TV broadcasting. The need to adapt to new environments, such as the use of AI in content production and audience interaction, was discussed.

In conclusion, the panel emphasized that the future of media will include a dynamic combination of advanced technology and human interaction, highlighting the importance of continuous adaptation and innovation in this ever-changing sector.

An event dedicated to innovation and Networking of those in the Smart City Romania ecosystem
In addition to panel discussions and presentations, the event provided attendees with ample opportunities for networking and collaboration, strengthening the professional community and celebrating technological progress.

ARSC and Vantage Towers thank all participants and will continue to support innovation and technological progress in Romania.