NEWS — December 21, 2023 at 5:17 pm

Vantage Towers, essential pillar in the development of smart cities in Romania


Vantage Towers, one of the leading European infrastructure operators, plays an essential role in the development of smart cities in Romania, providing the best infrastructure for any digitization and technology process.

Ionel Craciun_Vantage Towers”Vantage Towers is thrilled to provide the required network and to be the provider of high-tech solutions that represent the supporting pillar of the entire smart ecosystem. Thus, we contribute to the sustained growth of the digitalization and technologization of Romanian society. In addition, sustainability is at the heart of our business strategy, and all our products are developed with a special attention on the environment”, stated Ionel Crăciun, Business Development Manager CEE at Vantage Towers România.

Vantage Towers actively supports the development of smart cities through advanced telecommunications solutions, helping to create a more connected and efficient future.

With high expertise and well-rooted know-how in everything telecommunications infrastructure means, the company continues to contribute to a better connected Romania through a reliable, scalable, and advanced infrastructure. As a neutral host, Vantage Towers is prepared to secure as many tenants as possible for each of its sites, thereby ensuring efficiency, resource conservation, and carbon reduction.

“In a society in full digital development and with considerable potential, taking into account the specialists that Romania has, but also the investments in this sector, infrastructure remains the central piece on which an intelligent society can be built. We are here to contribute to this transformation, and we can support everything that today means high-speed internet access, mobile communication, but also IoT development and other smart solutions”, added Ionel Crăciun.

Vantage Towers continues to invest in the development and expansion of telecommunications network infrastructure in Romania, forming the basis of reliable and high-speed communication throughout the country.

Furthermore, the Vantage Towers team is actively advocating for the significance of infrastructure in shaping the future Smart City of Romania. Additionally, Ionel Craciun, Business Development Manager at Vantage Towers, received recognition from the Romanian Smart City Association (ARSC). Following two years of passionately advocating for the crucial role of infrastructure in shaping the Romanian Smart City future, the Vantage Towers team is honored to have his portrait featured in the Gallery of Protagonists.