Events — February 28, 2024 at 10:46 am

DefCamp, the largest cybersecurity conference in Central and Eastern Europe, expands with a first spin-off edition in Cluj-Napoca, May 16-17


DefCamp, the largest cybersecurity conference in Central and Eastern Europe, is expanding, on 16-17 May 2024, for the first time to Cluj-Napoca, one of Romania’s most powerful technology hubs. DefCamp Cluj-Napoca aims to support collaboration in the cybersecurity industry so that specialists can offer the best solutions, as the number of cyber attacks has increased significantly in recent years and estimates for 2024 indicate a continuation of this trend.

DefCamp 2024 Cluj - Press KV_UPDATEDAccording to the IBM Cost of a Data Breach 2023 report, the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million, an increase of 15% in 3 years. In addition, 82% of breaches involved data stored in the cloud. The same report shows that 51% of companies plan to increase security investments as a result of a breach, including incident response (IR) planning and testing, employee training, and security threat detection and response tools.

In this context, the first DefCamp spin-off promises an environment conducive to networking and know-how sharing: DefCamp Cluj-Napoca will bring together several hundred experts and professionals from around the world who will bring new perspectives and innovative solutions to better address all infosec challenges.

The DefCamp Cluj-Napoca 2024 event is organised by the Romanian Cyber Security Research Centre Association (CCSIR), powered by Orange Romania.

Andrei Avadanei v2„The cybersecurity community around Cluj has always been close to DefCamp. Companies have sent delegations and teams to join us at the event in Bucharest, speakers and experts who have contributed with presentations, offered advice, and initiated partnerships that span many years. Given the fast-paced business environment in Cluj-Napoca and the strong technology community here, this is one of the perfect places to complement the DefCamp event in Bucharest where, over the last 13 editions, over 12,000 attendees have crossed our threshold. DefCamp Cluj will keep the same ‘vibe’ that DefCamp has become known for in Central and Eastern Europe but will respond better to the challenges in the region”, stated Andrei Avădănei, founder of DefCamp.

Technologies based on artificial intelligence and automation will continue to have a high impact on the evolution of cyber threats this year, especially on how companies choose to manage risks. Another challenge is also brought by legislative developments such as the NIS 2 Directive and DORA, which will significantly impact organisations operating in certain essential business sectors, by including new security and reporting requirements. These are just some of the topics that will be addressed at DefCamp Cluj-Napoca. Manipulation through deepfakes, disinformation, social engineering schemes and phishing, as well as innovative solutions for managing risks in a technology-driven world, will be discussed by experts in the field, who will also share best practices in the industry.

Tudor Damian”With the rapid evolution of technology and methods used by cybercriminals, events like DefCamp are becoming increasingly relevant. On the other hand, the technology market in Cluj has reached a level of maturity that requires such an initiative. By organising an edition of DefCamp in Cluj-Napoca, local and international speakers, cybersecurity specialists and enthusiasts or even IT enthusiasts who will be present will access a diversity of experiences and skills that will contribute to the development of the whole cybersecurity community. I am also convinced that the proposed discussion topics will stimulate the exchange of ideas and knowledge to increase the quality of cybersecurity services and solutions”, stated Tudor Damian, coordinator of DefCamp Cluj-Napoca.

Cybersecurity experts can present their latest studies and research at the conference by applying to the Call for Papers section. Among the speakers expected at the spin-off edition, there are relevant names in the field, several who have also appeared at previous editions of DefCamp Bucharest. The DefCamp Cluj-Napoca surprise is Hasain Alshakarti, an internationally recognised expert in cybersecurity with 25 years of experience in incident response, network security, identity management, and more.

In addition to discussing industry trends, attendees will have the opportunity to take part in a series of ethical hacking and cybersecurity activities and competitions organised as part of the Hacking Village. This will provide hacking enthusiasts with a relaxed and informal setting in which to test their knowledge and acquire new skills, alongside people with similar interests.

More details about DefCamp Cluj-Napoca, the topics to be covered, competitions, and registration are available on the official website of the event.