Financial Services — April 4, 2024 at 3:58 pm

XIGA is selling car insurance directly through TikTok for the first time, using the embedded insurance system


XIGA Embedded RCAXIGA, an insurtech startup advancing the concept of Embedded Insurance in the Central and Eastern Europe region, and in which LIFE IS HARD holds a 10% stake through LIH Ventures, is launching the first car insurance campaign embedded within the TikTok platform in Romania. This initiative is in partnership with Tudor Bratu, an automotive content creator and former TV show host dedicated to the auto industry.

For three months, until the end of April, Tudor Bratu will be posting video content on his social media channels explaining to the community members how they can access the best car insurance deals quickly and easily. By following just three simple steps, users can analyze, decide, and purchase insurance through XIGA directly from Tudor Bratu’s TikTok channel as follows:

1. Click on the link provided in the content created and promoted by Tudor Bratu to access the XIGA platform
2. Scan your vehicle registration document using your mobile phone’s camera
3. Compare the car insurance offers generated by XIGA and instantly purchase the desired insurance

XIGA Tudor BratuThe decision to collaborate with Tudor Bratu stemmed from XIGA’s desire to explore new promotional territories and to bring a common insurance product directly onto social media platforms. Users are spending increasingly more time on these platforms for entertainment, but they gradually transform into a search engine for products and brands.

“Our embedded insurance system simplifies the process of selling insurance by removing traditional barriers and providing partners with technical support and compliance within the legal framework. Through XIGA, companies that sell directly to the end consumer have the opportunity to include insurance products in their offerings, thus increasing their revenue and facilitating digital access for users to insurance products that provide protection. But it’s not just companies that can do this; affiliates, like Tudor Bratu, can also. We assist Tudor in providing his community with a service they are directly interested in. Tudor Bratu has a community of over 2 million followers on social media, and as we know, social networks have been in the top 3 sources of product searches in recent years, with great popularity among online buyers. We are eager to see how consumers will react to this experimental campaign, and we believe it will be received with enthusiasm.” George Oprea, XIGA founder.

”LIFE IS HARD supports identifying and accessing new distribution channels by offering solutions to integrate insurance offerings into the digital and physical ecosystems preferred by customers. LIH recognizes the considerable potential that embedded insurance solutions have in making insurance accessible to as many users as possible. We want consumers to enjoy a natural and intuitive buying experience, both online and offline. This is the very reason LIH supports the startup XIGA.” Radu Moldovan-Petruț, Chief Marketing Officer LIFE IS HARD. WORK SOFT

“I believe that XIGA is the fastest platform that enables users to receive the most convenient car insurance (RCA) offers on-the-go. The steps are very simple: you access the link in bio, scan your car registration document, and you receive the offers. It’s quick and easy, in an era where internet users’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. I hope that my followers will try XIGA because they will surely appreciate the ease and simplicity with which the system provides them with options from the most important insurers.” says Tudor Bratu, automotive content creator and XIGA affiliate.

With this partnership, XIGA marks the launch of its affiliate sales strategy, thus opening new horizons in insurance distribution. In this way, XIGA makes new possibilities of leveraging customer relationships and diversifying the portfolio of services accessible, helping to create new revenue channels for partners through sales commissions. Moreover, the startup adds value to partners’ communities by offering insurance products tailored to their specific needs: customized offers, add-on options available before completing a purchase, or bundle packages designed to add value and security. This approach not only streamlines the buying process but also provides optimal protection for consumers, ensuring them against any unexpected incidents.

Currently, XIGA’s portfolio includes RCA and travel insurance, with plans to add new distribution channels and expand offerings with new adjacent products.

LIFE IS HARD, as a Key Technology partner for the Insurance Industry in Romania, positions itself at the forefront of innovation in this industry by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology and developing integrated insurance solutions such like Embedded Insurance. For LIFE IS HARD, these are mandatory steps in creating the largest insurance distribution ecosystem in Central and Eastern Europe. This will enable insurance industry clients to offer consumers personalized experiences and access to insurance solutions tailored to their needs in an effective, modern, and intuitive manner.