Enterprise Software — April 10, 2024 at 1:06 pm

Ciprian Condur System Innovation Romania: “In 2023, we invested over 5,000 hours of work in aligning SAP Business One with RO eFactura. It was a challenge to adapt our delivery capacity to support both legislative changes and the increased number of new projects.”


System Innovation Romania, the leading SAP Business One partner in the local market, exceeded the threshold of 2.6 million euros in revenue in 2023, achieving an annual growth rate of 21.5%. Revenue was predominantly generated from consultancy and implementation services for the SAP ERP system, complemented by Business Intelligence and automation.

Projects alternated between new SAP Business One implementations and aligning IT systems with legislative requirements such as SAF-T, eFactura, and eTransport. Only for RO eFactura implementation for clients using the SAP Business One ERP system, the company provided over 5,000 hours of work.

In 2023, System Innovation Romania added over 250 new SAP Business One users in various industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and services. SAP Business One has proven to be a versatile solution, used by medium and large companies, both in the startup phase and in maturity, when business processes and needs are complex. The top 10 companies or groups of companies that have implemented SAP Business One together have a turnover of over 500 million euros. For such companies, System Innovation proactively prepared the SAP Business One ERP system for adaptation to legislative changes, successfully implementing SAF-T in the first stage for large taxpayer clients.

Last year, System Innovation Romania also changed its organizational structure, forming a department dedicated exclusively to developing new business solutions. At the same time, the team grew by 7 new employees, reaching a total of 35. One of the major challenges of the previous year was the removal of tax incentives for IT specialists, with salaries being the largest cost. System Innovation Romania compensated for the salary differences and offered all employees the same net salary as before.

Ciprian Condur System Innovation Romania 2024“In 2023, we focused on consolidating our activity. We worked extensively on existing accounts to align with legislative changes, helping our clients meet reporting requirements for SAF-T, eInvoicing, and eTransport. I estimate over 5,000 hours of work just for RO eFactura implementation, resources that we could not allocate to new projects won last year.
At the same time, we set up a new department to develop new business ideas. We realized that we have some good development directions, especially mobile applications for optimizing certain activities in SAP Business One, but we cannot implement them without exclusively allocated resources. There were also no shortage of new projects, some of them complex, which allowed us to increase revenue by 21.5%.
However, profitability decreased in 2023 because we supplemented the salary loss generated by the removal of incentives for IT specialists. For us, salaries are the main cost, but a more important objective than profitability is the motivation of our employees and maintaining a climate of stability and continuous professional development,” stated Ciprian Condur, Managing Partner, System Innovation Romania.

For 2024, System Innovation Romania expects a stable year, with a greater number of new projects and sustained growth in Business Analytics. The company plans to hire an additional 7-8 people, both for technical roles and consultancy. A major change in human resources policy was the orientation towards remote positions and people working in cities other than Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, where the company has physical offices.