Cloud Computing/Edge — April 22, 2024 at 12:46 pm

M247 Europe: We will invest in our data centres to support the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions


M247 Europe, one of the leading providers of Data Centre and cloud solutions in Romania and present in 26 countries worldwide, announces the prioritisation of investments in equipping data centres with a range of high performance GPU  powered servers plus a new range of CPU’s to provide to support the evolution of the digital environment and improve energy efficiency.

The decision comes amid the evolving interest of companies in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solutions, which require superior computational power and data storage capacity. The company operates about 10,000 servers, located in about 31 locations around the world.

In recent years, M247 Europe has invested more than €13.5 million in IT infrastructure to enable its customers digital transformation journeys providing secure data management and connectivity solutions. Continued growth in content rich applications has driven the demand for localized storage and distribution. These characteristics have resulted in M247 announcing a 9% increase in turnover at the end of 2023 to €26.8 million.

“The investments already made in the capacity expansion of our data centres have played an important role in the evolution of M247 revenues in 2023. An important role was also played by the recruitment of a significant number of new customers from a variety of fields, against the backdrop of increased digitisation in the business environment,” said Gherasim Briceag, CFO of M247 Europe.

Martin Ford_CEO M247 International“2024 will be shaped by the evolution of AI services. We see interest in such solutions across all industries. These technologies and impacts are still in their infancy, and we are at the bottom of the growth curve. These solutions require immense computational power and data storage capacity along with high-spec data centres with power resources to match the demands of the GPU requirements. M247 Europe is in a good position to provide customers with A! enabling solutions”, adds Martin Ford CEO, M247 International.

This year’s investment by M247 is aimed at constructing new superior facilities specifically designed to support this rapidly growing market. A key consideration in this initiative is to source a higher percentage of renewable energy to support the operation of the data centres.

In 2023, M247 continued to invest in the development of high-quality data centre capacity in central Bucharest. This growth strategy continues moving forward and will address the needs of domestic as well as international organisations offering a portfolio of services ranging from single racks up to high-density private suites a long with private and public solutions with disaster recovery providing at the back-up centre in Brasov.

logo-1-300x138M247 Europe is an international ITC company based in Romania. The company has seen a steady growth in turnover over the last six years, driven by investments in hardware, software, cloud, and network systems.

Cloud solutions are among the most in-demand services, offering security and flexibility in data management at affordable costs. Moving data to the cloud has reduced companies’ energy costs, as well as the need for space and investment in ITC infrastructure.