Cloud Computing/Edge, Events — May 8, 2024 at 12:15 pm

Eviden opens the first cloud and cybersecurity center in Romania – CloudSecOps Center, in Timisoara


Eviden, part of the Atos Group, a leader in digital, cloud, big data and security, announces the launch of CloudSecOps Center in Romania. Located in Timisoara, the new center combines cloud and cybersecurity capabilities, offering customers a unique portfolio of cloud services.

Cloud SecOps (2)Part of Eviden’s global network of Cloud Centres and connected to the 17 SOCs (Security Operation Centres) managed by over 6,500 security specialists, the CloudSecOps Centre in Romania performs advanced security operations for cloud services in compliance with EU regulations.

The new centre is part of Eviden’s network of Cloud Centres, four in total (Engineering, Migration, Operations and Security) that support customers around the world at every stage, from cloud migration and continuous optimisation to accelerating innovation, all protected under the umbrella of cyber security. The project involves close collaboration of Eviden’s OneCloud and Big Data & Security business lines to design, develop and deliver solutions, supporting Eviden’s approach of providing end-to-end cloud services at scale to its customers.

“In a world where technology is the driver of innovation, the CloudSecOps Centre in Timisoara is a symbol of excellence, combining years of experience in the cloud with the cybersecurity industry to create a robust security system in the digital world,” said Chris Moret, Global Head of Cybersecurity Services la Eviden, Atos Group.

“This centre is a testament to our expertise in ensuring data security and compliance in the cloud. With over 120 experts, it is part of a global network that sets the standards for cloud services. Here, expertise is not just about using the cloud, but also about getting the added value it provides to ensure a positive business impact while delivering confidence to our customers,” explains Steve Midgley, Head of Cloud, Eviden, Atos Group.

“The new CloudSecOps center in Romania combines specialized consulting, migration and operational solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, providing customers with comprehensive cloud and cybersecurity services. We are also pleased that with this step we reconfirm our position as a trusted partner offering the highest quality services and a secure environment,” adds Diana Sipos, Country Manager Eviden Technologies Romania.

“Digitisation in public administration is necessary to preserve trust in government and the democratic system. This is why the new Eviden centre is so important. Even though the customers come from different sectors, the solutions provided are a crucial contribution to strengthening democracy and improving public life, both in Romania and worldwide,” explains Dominic Fritz, Mayor of Timisoara.

Cloud SecOps (1)The new centre is committed to delivering high-performance cloud services, including security features developed through a scalable delivery model, through strategic partnerships with global industry players and regionally relevant partners. The Eviden CloudSecOps Center is also strategically positioned to facilitate complete digital and cloud security sales, bringing added value to customers while having the ability to constantly expand based on each customer’s requirements and needs.