IT Expert — May 21, 2024 at 6:24 pm

OVES Enterprise: The Acquisition of F-35 Aircraft Will Accelerate Romania’s Technological Transformation For The Next 60 Years


Romania’s strategic decision to acquire and operate the F-35 Lightning II jets will not only strengthen the country’s defense and security capabilities and solidify its position within NATO, but also provide enormous opportunities for the involved industries.

The F-35 is the only fifth-generation fighter currently in production capable of supporting job creation for the next 40 to 50 years. Its operation is expected to enable strategic industrial partnerships with local industries, with the aircraft projected to remain in service and operational until 2088.

Romania is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the benefits of acquiring and operating the F-35 Lightning II for the upcoming decades.

In the IT industry, we will witness the acceleration of digital and technological transformation for the next 60 years, according to the representatives of OVES Enterprise, a software development company with the highest level of security authorization in Romania and a supplier in the area of AI, Cybersecurity and Technology as a Service for the world’s leading companies and government agencies in the defense industry.

Mihai Filip, CEO OVES Enterprise“The F-35 is not just a fifth-generation fighter jet, but also an advanced sensory platform and a flying data center that will continue to evolve throughout its service life. The advanced performance of the F-35 is made possible thanks to its sophisticated and advanced computers, an aspect that is often overlooked compared to other attributes of the aircraft, such as radar invisibility, ease of maneuverability, and increased target neutralization capabilities. Operating, maintaining, and upgrading the F-35 platform requires advanced technological capabilities, many of which are developed locally and should and could be further developed through the industrial cooperation aspects of the acquisition. The Romanian technology industry is not only capable, but also experienced in supporting the F-35 operations for the upcoming decades”, says Mihai Filip, CEO of OVES Enterprise, noting that OVES Enterprise has the capacity and knowledge necessary, together with American partners, to support the Ministry of Defense and Romanian authorities in integrating the F-35 into the Romanian aerial system.

Main Benefits of Acquiring the F-35 Aircraft

Overall, the purchase of the F-35 aircraft represents an important catalyst for Romania, generating multiple benefits with a major impact on both the economy and national security, with the entire program’s success largely depending on the vision and strategic approach of the Romanian Government.

The new aircraft strengthen Romania’s defense capabilities, enabling more effective response to regional threats and strengthening the country’s role within NATO, where it becomes one of the largest operators of F-35s.

Economic benefits include job creation and integration of the local industry into the global supplier network of the F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office, thus stimulating technological development and the national industry through strategic partnerships and industrial cooperation.

Promoting innovation in the technological sector, self-sufficiency in defense production, and long-term partnerships are other major advantages, all of which consolidate national security and amplify the economic impact over the long term.

How the F-35 Changes the Local IT Industry

At the local IT industry level, the benefits mainly target the area of innovation and technological stimulation. The F-35, being an advanced sensor platform and a flying data center, imposes top technological requirements for data processing and analysis, thus generating increased demand for innovative software solutions and data services.

This opens up ample opportunities for international technological partnerships, contributing to the growth of local skills and visibility on the global market. Moreover, the F-35 program encourages increased investments in research and development (R&D) in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, vital for operating and maintaining the F-35.

Imagine1Also, the introduction of this technological advance supports the diversification and expansion of the local IT economy, requiring improvements to technological infrastructure and the adoption of stricter standards, which will ultimately improve the quality and security of Romanian IT products and services.