Retail — June 25, 2024 at 3:03 pm

Alsendo Group, supported by Abris Capital Partners, unifies its portfolio of services and SaaS products


Alsendo, the delivery management solution leader in CEE, dedicated to eCommerce businesses, finished one of the key stages of the company transformation, unifying its portfolio of services and SaaS products in connection with the umbrella brand, Alsendo. Through this strategic step, the new group structure will respond more effectively to the eCommerce market needs, both globally and regionally. The Alsendo Group confirms the strategic position of Innoship and Ecolet brands in its portfolio.

For the past two years, Alsendo Group consolidated its position through strategic partnerships with two Romanian brands, Innoship and Ecolet, becoming the main actor in CEE that offers delivery management solutions, for both big brands, as well as for SMEs. Portfolio of brands include also Polish Apaczka and Seding accompanied by Zaslat in Czech Republic.
Innoship is confirmed as part of the strategic category of the group’s global brands, offering the most advanced delivery management solution for enterprise segment, used by over 350 online stores in Europe, including Dr. Max, Deichmann, Yves Rocher, Nespresso or Leroy Merlin, currently managing over 3 million shipments monthly.

Ecolet is one of the most important online platforms for transports management for small and middle-sized companies. Present in Romania and Bulgaria, it enjoys the group’s support as a regional brand, continuing its accelerated development in the two countries.

Magda Magnuszewska - CEO Alsendo“Alsendo is a real force, composed mainly of global and regional brands that have established their positions over the years. We are glad to continue supporting two Romanian brands: Innoship, which is becoming a global brand in the Alsendo Group, and Ecolet, one of the strategic local brands in Romania and Bulgaria. We also support regional brands: Apaczka and Sendit in the Polish market and  Zaslat in the Czech market. The active operations of Alsendo Group in Europe have established key partnerships with multiple companies, enabling access to unique resources and technological know-how, thereby supporting the creation of a strong position at an international level,” says Magdalena Magnuszewska, CEO of Alsendo.

Extended portfolio of services and SaaS products for increased presence on the international markets
The group’s new strategy is to guarantee an increased presence on global markets, ensuring Alsendo customers of the brand’s support and services wherever they are. Moreover, communication is improved and adapted to the customers’ needs, they will receive personalized offers, based on their interests and preferences. A simplified brand experience, with more fluent operations, will lead  to better services and lower costs in the long run. Capabilities are unified, and within them, quality and reliability remain values that define each collaboration of customers with Alsendo.

Daniel Nicolae, Innoship co-founder and CEO, adds: “Together with Alsendo Group, the SaaS   Innoship platform experienced an accelerated growth in the past years, being the solution adopted by top eCommerce brands from multiple regions. With each new step forward, we become more responsible to highly invest in Innoship technology, generating important benefits to the global eCommerce environment”.

Alexandra Guja, Management Board Member for Ecolet, declares: “Once integrated in the Alsendo Group, Ecolet benefits from all the group’s companies experience, being able to become a more and more active player on the Romanian market. We can now offer our customers all the solutions implemented over the course of 15 years by companies that are part of the Alsendo group, thus achieving a greater services and products offer.”