Security — April 2, 2024 at 4:11 pm

ASSA ABLOY: Romanians value home protection – 50% say they don’t save money when it comes to home security


According to the data of a study carried out by ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Romania, the local market leader in access solutions, Romanian customers demonstrate an exceptional level of awareness regarding home security. Three-quarters of those surveyed consider the security of locks, doors and access systems to be essential, and 53% say they do not compromise when it comes to home security.

This study, carried out by the local branch of the Swedish group ASSA ABLOY, shows that 55% of Romanians are aware of the benefits offered by smart solutions compared to traditional ones, while 54% attach great importance to the purchase of a well-known brand.

“A percentage of 77% of households in Romania have bought a new security system in the last 10 years or, at least, are considering it. Their share increases especially with the size of the cities in which they live, reaching 85% in those with over 100,000 inhabitants”, said Florin Tihulcă, Managing Director of ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Romania.

The main reason for changing or improving security systems is their failure, according to the study. Other factors influencing the purchase decision include awareness of the vulnerability of standard locks, the general feeling of insecurity, facing direct threats or the influence of advertisements.

“When it comes to purchasing a security system, price is the most important consideration for customers, followed closely by product quality. The security level or class is the third crucial factor. Also, customers often mention the recommendation of a specialist and the specific technical characteristics, followed by the warranty period and positive previous experience”, emphasizes the representative of ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Romania.

How the access systems client looks like

The analysis carried out by the company distinguishes several types of customers according to their attitude towards home security and buying behavior, highlighting three main categories: the modern customer (22%), the discerning customer (19%) and the conservative customer (19%). ). At the same time, the price-oriented consumer (15%) and the pragmatic consumer (13%) represent segments with a lower weight.

Yale_2Customers in the modern category are those who adopt solutions adapted to technological trends and are mainly young, with an average level of education and family income of over 10,000 RON, residing in cities with over 100,000 inhabitants. On the other hand, the discerning are generally people over 50, with higher education, who own apartments. For these two categories, home security is of particular importance, and their purchases typically include smart solutions or recognized brand products. Conservative customers, on the other hand, are generally men between the ages of 30 and 39 and with an average education. They only make purchases when the current product breaks down, and many of them have only purchased basic security systems in the past 10 years.

Price-oriented and pragmatic buyers are generally characterized by low incomes. Those in the first category often prefer classic locks, placing less emphasis on security, while pragmatic customers, although not attracted to expensive brands, focus more on value for money and have purchased various types of home security products.

Yale_1Yale brand, market leader

Imagine1Yale stands out as an indisputable leader on the Romanian market, both by the degree of awareness and by the large number of purchases associated with this brand. Spontaneous awareness of the Yale brand among lock and cylinder manufacturers stands at 22%, being more pronounced in higher income households, among men and over 60s.

Yale also dominates the market in the single/cylinder lock category, being the choice of 51% of consumers. In terms of advanced cylinder locks and padlocks, Yale occupies a significant share, being purchased by 48% and 40% of customers, respectively. Florin Tihulcă emphasizes that a deep understanding of the needs related to home security is essential, and this trend reflects Romanians’ concern for the safety and comfort of their families.