Data Center / Storage, Networking — May 28, 2024 at 4:44 pm

Vertiv and Felix Telecom strengthen security and efficiency by upgrading network infrastructure in Romania


Vertiv solution Felix TelecomVertiv (NYSE: VRT), a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, and Felix Telecom, the leading provider of communications equipment in Romania, today announced the successful upgrade of the communications, infrastructure, and surveillance equipment of a pivotal organization in the Romanian public sector. The two companies upgraded the customer’s telecommunication network with new power technology and supporting infrastructure, including AC-powered data and security equipment and DC-powered radio equipment.

As security operations require continual equipment availability, the customer sought to deploy a power distribution solution that would provide battery backup capabilities when local utilities experienced unplanned downtime. Additionally, the organization sought to rapidly deploy a converged network while also minimizing costs.

Since it would be deployed in space-constrained environments, the new power solution also had to be limited to one rack, with a maximum of 6U form factor for the system and electrical distribution. In addition, requirements included the ability to increase both AC and DC power and distribution capacity in the rack in the future, and a solution that could be installed easily and quickly.

With a proven track record in managing complex infrastructure projects globally, Vertiv was chosen by Felix Telecom as its key supplier for this infrastructure, deploying the Vertiv™ NetSure™ Inverter series as a converged AC and DC power system. The solution provides a single interface for both rectifiers and inverters, simplifying remote monitoring, and management duties and minimizing the need for site visits compared to dual interface solutions.

Laurentiu Dragomir - Vertiv RomaniaThe system’s design powers AC and DC loads in a single sub-rack with a common battery bank, providing redundancy and simplifying installation. The inverter solution maximizes site availability with zero transfer time from grid to battery. It also minimizes energy loss with inverters that operate at up to 96.3% efficiency in normal AC-AC mode, lowering energy usage compared to less efficient alternatives.

With the NetSure™ Inverter solution, the organization gained the ability to control both AC and DC power loads from a single controller, an improvement over its previous solution, which required separate units. The system also has a smaller form factor that saves space in the rack for additional equipment that can be installed in the future.

Vertiv was able to deliver within the customer’s short timeframe, and the solution has an inherently easy installation process, which gave the partner the ability to meet the project’s tight timeline and increase the trajectory of revenue generation. Versatile, highly simplified, and space-saving, the NetSure Inverter System provides a scalable solution that helps lower energy consumption.

“Empowering connectivity and increasing operational availability, Vertiv and Felix Telecom united to fortify security in Romania through advanced network infrastructure upgrades. We are proud that our solution, the Vertiv NetSure Inverter series, emerged as the linchpin of this ambitious endeavour”, says Laurențiu Dragomir, Account Manager for Romania and Moldova at Vertiv.


Sergiu Ghetu - Felix Telecom“Safeguarding communication infrastructure is paramount in an ever-evolving digital landscape. The collaboration with Vertiv exemplifies our dedication to innovation and reliability, ensuring that together, we can build resilient networks that empower societies and propel them towards a safer, more interconnected future”, says Sergiu Ghețu, Administrator, Felix Telecom.

For more information about Vertiv’s work with Felix Telecom, read the case study at this link. For more information and to access Vertiv™ NetSure™ Inverter series, visit